A Copy or Picture of Your Driver’s License MUST be submitted to office via email within 24 hours of joining the firm.

CHARLES RUTENBERG REALTY FORT LAUDERDALE ("Broker") and __________(Contractor), who will do business as a: ___Sales Associate ___Broker Associate, hereby agree as follows:

1. Independent Contractor Status - Contractor agrees to work for Broker as an Independent Contractor, and not as an employee, however, Contractor understands that Broker is legally accountable for the activities of the Contractor. All costs and obligations incurred by Contractor in conducting his/her independent business shall be paid solely by Contractor, who will hold Broker harmless from any and all costs and obligations. Contractor will act independently as to the management of his/her time and efforts, and will be responsible for timely payment of all of his/her own expenses. Such as industry association dues, licensing renewals, pagers, cellular telephones, etc., as they are incurred.

Contractor understands and agrees that, because Contractor is an Independent Contractor and not an employee of Broker. Broker will not withhold any Federal or State Income Tax, Social Security (FICA) or Unemployment (FUTA) taxes from Contractor's commissions paid. Contractor is personally responsible for paying any and all Federal and State Income. Social Security and other taxes, and for maintaining all expense records as required by law, and represents to Broker that all such amounts will be withheld and paid when due. Contractor shall indemnify and hold Broker harmless from any liability or costs thereof. Contractor further understands and acknowledges that Broker provides no Workman's Compensation coverage. Contractor hereby specifically waives such coverage and represents to Broker that he/she understands that, if Contractor desires such coverage, Contractor must personally obtain such coverage directly from the State of Florida or an insurance carrier of Contractor's choice, at Contractor's sole expense.

2. License & Realtor Status - Contractor is and shall remain licensed and in good standing with the Florida Department of Professional and Business Regulation, throughout the term hereof. If not currently a Realtor®, Contractor will, within 10 days of the date of this contract, become a member of an approved Association of REALTORS® and will adhere to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and the Multiple Listing Service Rules and By-Laws. Contractor will always conduct him/herself in full compliance with the Statutes of Florida and the Rules and Regulations of the Florida Real Estate Commission and in a way which reflects the high standards of the Broker. Unless, Contractor registers for the Annual Referral Program.

3. Commissions and Fees - as commissions are earned through the efforts of Contractor, 100% of any and all such commissions will be promptly paid to Contractor by Broker after receipt and processing, less any amounts owing to Broker. Payment of any and all commissions is subject to Broker receiving a complete sales file. All disbursements will be made within 24 hours after file submission. Contractor further agrees to participate in the program as specified below.

Silver Plan: $450 transaction fee which includes Risk Management premium will be withheld by and paid to Broker on each transaction.

Gold Plan: $450 transaction fee which includes Risk Management premium will be withheld by and paid to Broker on the 1st transaction in any month.

$ 0 Transaction Fee will be charged on all other transactions in that month.

$ 70 Risk Management premium will be withheld on all other transactions in that month.

Referral Plan:$100 annual membership fee. Broker deductions on all referral fees are 12% of the gross amount of fees or commissions earned up to a maximum of $350 with no Risk Management charge.

(All Transaction and Risk Management fees due the Broker must be included on the transaction’s closing statement and paid through the close of escrow unless waived by Broker.)

Broker deductions on all referral fees, consulting fees or lease commissions are 12% of the gross amount of fees or commissions earned up to a maximum of $350 with no Risk Management charge.

Commercial Transactions:Residential Realtors will be assessed 12% DEDUCTION of the Gross Commission up to a Maximum of $2,500.00 due to Broker which includes Risk Management premium and will be withheld by and paid to Broker on each Commercial transaction

In consideration of the foregoing, Contractor will pay Broker:

$35-Silver Plan or $100-Gold Plan or $100-Annual Referral Plan - Monthly/Yearly dues are payable in advance on the first day of each month/year. This contract acts as credit card authorization. . (Unless waived by Broker, Contractor will provide to Broker a valid credit card number for the amount of monthly/yearly dues and any other incurred expenses. $35-Silver Plan or $100 Gold Plan monthly or $100 yearly dues will be charged to the credit card on the 1st business day of each month/year.) Agents will be charged a Late Payment Fee of $25 on any payments received after the 5th day of the month in which they are due.

4. Occupational License Fee - The city of Fort Lauderdale requires the Real Estate Managing Broker to obtain the Occupational License for the office.

5. Monthly Obligation & Commission Plans - Contractor acknowledges that monthly dues and annual Occupational License fees are a legal obligation and agrees to make timely payments as agreed to. Contractor may elect to change programs (Silver / Gold) with written notice to Broker prior to the first day of any month. The change will become effective on the first day of the month following such written notice. This election may be made once in any 6 month period.

6. Errors & Omissions Insurance - The Errors and Omissions Insurance carrier shall be chosen at Broker's discretion. Contractor understands that he/she is responsible for payment of the deductible amount (currently $7,500.00) upon request, for each Errors and Omissions claim. This deductible may change yearly. Contractor will be notified of any change. Contractor shall immediately notify Broker of any circumstances likely to give rise to any kind of claim or complaint against Contractor and/or Broker. In the event of a claim, lawsuit, license complaint or Arbitration demand which is not wholly covered by insurance, Broker may withhold from Contractor's commissions payable, an amount adequate to satisfy any amounts not covered, which Broker shall place in its Claims and Disputes Retention Account, pending settlement or other disposition of the matter. Broker may, in Broker's sole discretion, apply such sums as necessary to settle or to satisfy any such claim or award, and Contractor agrees to cooperate fully in this regard. Contractor understands that, from time to time, the Principals of Broker may deem it necessary to obtain legal consultation concerning one of Contractors transactions; Contractor agrees to reimburse and indemnify Broker for any Attorney's fee reasonably incurred by Broker to obtain legal advice concerning such transactions(s).

7. Agent As Principal (Buyer or Seller of Property)- In the event Contractor intends to enter into any transaction as a principal, or an immediate relative that Contractor is representing intends to enter into any transaction, or any entity owned or controlled by Contractor, Contractor shall pay the office a transaction fee and risk management fee whether a commission is earned or not, whether property is in MLS or not. In any event, Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold Broker harmless from any claims, demands, complaints, Realtor® arbitration's or other actions made against Broker as a result of any transaction in which Contractor acts as a principal. Transaction Fee shall be $500 rather than the standard $450; the increase is due to higher Errors and Omissions’ charge on those transactions.

8. Hold Harmless - As a material provision of this agreement, Contractor agrees that, for all actions that Contractor does during his/her contractual relationship with Broker, Contractor will forever defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Broker, their heirs, successors, spouses and assigns, from any and all claims, complaints, causes of action, Realtor® arbitration demands, damages and liabilities of every kind whatsoever, whether known or unknown, including without limitation of any action, omission, negligence or any other basis of liability or complaint, in any forum, brought by any third party against CHARLES RUTENBERG REALTY FORT LAUDERDALE. Contractor agrees to defend broker with independent counsel of Broker’s choice. No action or complaint arising out of a real estate transaction in which Broker was involved may be brought by Contractor before anybody, against any third party, without prior written consent of the Broker. If the Broker initiates any litigation or arbitration action on behalf of the Contractor or if the Broker must defend any action of the Contractor in litigation or arbitration, Contractor will pay all related costs and attorney fees.

9. Protection of Contractor’s Listings and Contracts: In the event that Contractor terminates his/her contractual relationship with Broker for any reason, any and all listings obtained through the efforts of Contractor during the term of this Agreement shall be withdrawn by contractor and relisted with Contractor’s new brokerage, without penalty once any outstanding balance for dues, charges or fees to CRR are brought up to date. Pending sales will be referred to Contractor’s new brokerage with a referral fee equal to the transaction fee and risk management fee owed to CRR, if no referral agreement is provided and transaction closes CRR receives 50% of gross commission.

10. Transaction Defined - For purposes of this Agreement, the term "transaction" shall be defined as the recording of the deed following the sale of real estate, or the execution by all parties of a lease, where a commission is paid to Broker as a result of the efforts of Contractor. Contractor agrees that Broker has the right to hold and/or apply any commissions owing to Contractor, as may be necessary to pay for or secure any obligations of Contractor hereunder.

11. Termination of Agreement - This Agreement may be terminated immediately by Broker for cause, or upon three calendar days written notice by Broker or Contractor. Contractor agrees that a violation of any of Contractor's obligations hereunder shall constitute cause for immediate termination of this Agreement. In the event this Agreement is terminated by Broker for cause, Contractor agrees that any ongoing obligations of Contractor hereunder shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

12. Mediation of Disputes - In the event of a dispute involving two or more contractors, all of whom are licensed with CHARLES RUTENBERG REALTY FORT LAUDERDALE. Contractor authorizes the Designated Broker for CHARLES RUTENBERG REALTY FORT LAUDERDALE, sole and absolute discretion in resolving said dispute. Contractor agrees to abide by the decision of the Designated Broker. Contractor also agrees to defend, hold harmless and indemnify CHARLES RUTENBERG REALTY FORT LAUDERDALE and its Designated Broker against any claim, action or lawsuit of any kind. These shall include the following: any loss, judgment, or expense, including attorneys' fees, arising from or relating in any way to the resolution of said dispute.

13. Agent Information - Agent will keep office updated with any changes to their personal information such as mailing address, phone numbers, email, etc.

14. MLS Fines or Arbitration: Contractor agrees to reimburse the Broker for the amount of any fine charged, arbitration or court loss charged to the Broker for any infraction caused by the Contractor, by any MLS board for infractions of board rules by cash payment or by authorization of credit card charge or commission adjustment, which is hereby granted to Broker. Broker will be compensated 20% of any arbitration award or court judgment, to compensate company for time, company legal expenses and costs accrued by such arbitration or court action.

All parties to this agreement are bound in accordance with Charles Rutenberg Realty’s Policy and Procedures Manual andas amended in the future.

Charles Rutenberg Realty Fort Lauderdale reserves the right to modify this agreement and will notify all agents via email.


(Policy & Procedures Manual can be found at www.MyCRRFiles.com and is an extension of this agreement. I agree to read and abide by CRR Policy & Procedures Manual)

The undersigned agree to the terms and conditions set forth above and acknowledge receipt of a copy hereof.